December 3, 2023

It is a dream of every homeowner to make their place completely pest free. Pests are very dangerous and can cause many respiratory issues. There are many things in our home which attract these pests and they make our home their home too. Usually, they are found in the kitchen platform, in cupboards, on your pets or under carpets. There are different types of pests that are typically found such as rodents, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, spiders and so on. Many homeowners have the question of how to prevent these pests from entering their homes. You will find certain causes of pest infestation which should be identified and taken care of. You can save your home from getting infected by these creepy pests. All you have to do is follow the simple tips given below for Pest Control and soon your place will be hygienic and healthy to live in.

Tips To Prevent Pests From Your Home

  1. Regular Cleaning:

If you wish to make your home free from pests then make sure you are cleaning your home every day. Pests attack the places which are tidy and filthy. They love unhygienic homes and thus make their way to such places in no time. Only brooming and vacuuming your home will not help but you should even perform mopping every day for a thorough cleaning. Clean the corners of your home properly so that not a single sign of filthiness is left. Properly remove the food particles and other particles found on your floor. These nasty creatures will not approach your home once it is cleaned.

  1. Do Not Keep Utensils Overnight:

Dirty utensils can also become an invitation to pests so wash them properly. It is very important to clean your utensils in the night. Make sure no dirty utensils are left in the washbasin. Unclean plates and dishes usually become a treat for roaches and other insects. The food left on the plates and dishes is what roaches crave. These roaches overnight increase in number. So for a cockroach-free kitchen wash out your utensils the moment you finish your dinner.

  1. Keep The Dustbin Clean And Neat:

Dustbins are one important reason why you will find pests creating a nuisance in your home. Roches, rodents, mosquitoes, flies and so on are the pests that can come to your home just because your dustbin is full of garbage. So empty your dustbin and trash can every day and after that make sure you cover them properly. Following this tip will not only prevent pests but it even helps in cleaning your home and making it free from all kinds of stinky odour. 

  1. Seal All The Cracks  And Holes Visible:

Inspect your home for all the holes and cracks and then seal them properly. There are many pests that enter your home with holes and cracks visible. Pests need small spaces to make entry and holes and cracks are the best way through which they can arrive. Sealing these cracks will help in preventing pests like termites and rodents.

  1. Place Certain Plants:

You can even keep plants like neem, lavender, tulsi,  eucalyptus, marigold, mint and so on for preventing pests from your home. These plants help in keeping the insects away from your home. You can even take a spray bottle and take the extract from neem and mint and spray it over your home. This tip will also work in keeping these disturbing pests from your lovely home. Check the places from where all these pests can make an entry and then place these plants over there.

  1. Cover Your Food:

Do not keep your food open as this will also attract pests. There are many harmful pests that come and sit on your uncovered food. Ths later you and your family may eat it. This will lead to many health diseases. So it is very important to cover your food properly. Do not leave your food uncovered for a minute also. As these pests take no time to jump into your food and make it infected. Ensure to clean all the jars and containers in which you have stored the food. Throw out the old dirty food in the garbage as this can also be a  cause for pests coming to your home.

  1. Look For Standing Water:

Standing water can lead to a huge infestation of mosquitoes in your home. So it is very important to get rid of any kind of standing water present at your place. Usually, this situation is found when it is rainy season. So be careful in the rainy season and clean all the leftover water if you don’t do so then all the mosquitoes will attack your place. Not only mosquitoes but there are also many other insects that make their way to the place where standing water is spread.

  1. Keep The Firewood Away From Your Place:

Make sure you are keeping the firewood as far as possible you can from your home or office. Firwood gives an open invitation to termites. Make sure you are placing them a minimum of five feet away or you can even put it in your racks which are significantly above the ground. Beetles are also fond of wood so keep all the wood away from your place for making it completely pest free.

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