December 3, 2023
Carpet Odour Removal At Home

Carpets are important and integral parts of our home decor and environment. Any problem of dirty carpets can affect our home environment and health as well. It has been suggested that you follow the routine professional carpet cleaning of the carpet form from time to time.

As any carpet is prone to the daily accumulation of dirt, dust and debris. Also, stains, on the other hand, can destroy the look and integrity of any carpet installation. Ignoring the daily cleaning and carpet stain removal can result in permanent damage to the carpet. Stains if left ignored can also compromise the hygiene of the carpet by promoting germ growth. Dirty and dirty carpets can harbour many smells causing bacteria. So, with carpet steam cleaning you get rid of dirt and bacteria. 

This bacteria will feed on organic matter and produce a bad odour. This bad odour will deteriorate the indoor air quality and affect our breathing efficiency. In this blog, we are providing you with an easy DIY for carpet deodorisation. So, follow the steps mentioned below to remove carpet smell at home.

Carpet Odour Removal At Home

Steps For Carpet Deodorisation

  1. First, you need to clean the carpet to get rid of dirt, dust and debris before you begin with carpet deodorisation. You can use any vacuum cleaners and clean the carpet.
  2. Odour is caused by bacteria so you must get rid of it. Carpet sanitisation is an important aspect of professional carpet cleaning services.
  3. First prepare a solution of white vinegar with warm water, both taken in equal parts. Now pour this solution into an empty spray bottle.
  4. Use the spray bottle to spray the vinegar solution over the surface of the carpet. So, cover the entire surface area of the carpet with the white vinegar solution.
  5. Now take baking soda powder and sprinkle it over the carpet surface. Cover the surface of the carpet with baking soda powder.
  6. Baking soda along with white vinegar will disinfect the carpet and also absorb all the nasty odours. Leave the solution and baking soda on the carpet for some hours.
  7. After a few hours, you can now clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum clean the carpet and get rid of all the soda powder and debris. So, you will observe the carpet is clean and odour free, carpet deodorisation is complete. common carpet cleaning strategies to avoid stains and grime. If you want to know about common carpet cleaning strategies to avoid stains and grime than you should read our blog.

Hire Professional Help

Dirty carpets can impact our health negatively in many ways. We also highly suggest that you hire carpet cleaning services frequently. We are the leading service providers for all kinds of carpet dry cleaning in Brisbane. So, we offer high-quality carpet cleaning services at low prices. 

We have an expert staff of the best carpet cleaners. With years of training and experience, I can handle and clean any dirty carpet within 24 hours. So, hire experts from a carpet cleaning company today and get your carpets deep cleaned within a single day. Contact us today for more details at Clean Sleep carpet cleaning services.