December 3, 2023

If you remove any stains from the carpet as soon as the stains appear on the carpets, it is often better. It is because it requires less hard work, less any type of detergent or liquid and gets better results. But if you use proper methods, any kind of stain can be removed easily and simply. There are different types of carpets such as wool carpets, and silver carpets. So you have to use carpet stain removal methods according to the types of carpets. If you delay removing the stains, it will be tougher to remove any carpet stains. Here is an attempt to provide some simple steps for removing stains from the carpet.

Follow This Method & Remove Blood Stains From Your Carpet

Like any other stain, it is better if you remove blood stains as soon as possible. Because waiting can only further create problems. So, follow the 4 steps we mentioned here to remove blood stains from your carpet.  

  1. Scrape Off Dried Blood Stains 

Because of its composition, blood gets quickly dried forming into solid stains. And once blood dries to form stains, scrape it off using a blunt knife. Immediately after that, vacuum the completely affected area once to get rid of scraped blood particles. Then, proceed with the next step of blot drying. 

  1. Blot Dry The Blood Stains

First, you have to rinse and extract the bloodstain with cold water. Make sure that the stain will not spread when you wash the stains. Do not use hot water. It can set the stain and will make it permanent. Therefore, you always have to use only cold water. Apply water and use a white towel or white paper to blot up the satins. You can also use a solution that will help to suck the stain colour and will not spread the stain.

  1. Use Of Washing Detergents

After the first step of washing, use the solution and washing detergent to remove the remaining bloodstains. Apply a few drops of solution in a cup of cold water. Apply it to the bloodstain area and bolt the area with white cotton paper or a white paper towel. Do not rub it. If you rub stains, they will spread more on the cloth or carpet. It will also cause damage to the carpet fibre. Damaged fibres often hold stains longer and there is more possibility to get a stain in the future easily.

  1. Rinse The Area To Air Dry 

If the bloodstain remains more or less, repeat the above process again and again until the stain cleans. If you leave it in the middle the stains will not clean. They become permanent on the carpets. Once the stains are removed, use a fan to dry the carpet. Or use paper towels and set them on the stained area to absorb the carpet water. You can also use cotton cloths to set on it so that it will remove the internal liquid and the carpet will dry quickly. Replace the paper or cloth. Note- You can also use club soda for removing bloodstains from the carpets. This is a simple and unique method to remove blood stains from carpets.


Choosing a carpet repair company for deep cleaning of your carpets and that too on a regular basis, is a wise option you can go for. Yes, there are a few instants and easy ways for carpet stain removal you can find online, but all of those don’t give the best outcomes. So, always go with professional carpet repair services if you find your carpets are facing any problems. In fact, a carpet repair company like ours also offers same-day services with free pre and post-inspections. Also, when choosing a company, check for credentials like, certificates, licences, experience,  skills, etc. Thus, call carpet cleaners today for immediate assistance!