December 3, 2023
pet urine from carpet

Pets are precise and the cutest creatures on this planet. Proudly owning a puppy comes with various responsibilities. It’s far a splendid manner of learning how to take care of anyone. They are stunning and dependable. Pets aren’t simply animals dwelling with us. They become part of our family due to the sheer consolation. But other than their cuteness, in addition, they provide harm to our carpet and household things when they urinate. As it is the floor where they spend most of their time & damage your carpet mostly.

Carpets are the things which get most affected by pets as they rub our floor carpet. Carpets play an important role in our householder’s things. They offer royalty and grace to our homes. They act as a shield to our floors as well from various agents like spills, pets, dirt, grim, etc. Out of which a home with both carpet and pet attracts the basic concerns. From which as well out of many harms like wearing and tearing, scratching and many more the thing which concerns most is Pet Urine. It is something that no one likes and which has many ill effects on our carpet. So, indeed, steam carpet cleaning in Adelaide is very necessary.

Pet Urine has many unwell effects on our Carpet because it stinks, weakens the carpet’s fibres, it fades them. It also leaves patches on the carpet. As a result, affecting the general lovely scenario of our houses. So, if you want to remove the pet urine from the carpet then you can follow numerous methods and approaches.

pet urine from carpet

Here are some tips to remove the pet urine from your carpet:-

1. Blot the liquid urine: Surround a thick layer of paper towel over the urinated vicinity and cowl it with a layer of newspaper. Now stand it, and allow it to soak up. After that rinse it with icy water.

2. Use A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda:  It is the best and the easiest method to get rid of the odour of the urine from your carpet after cleaning the liquid part. So, mix 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar, and 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a spray bottle, mix it then spray it on the affected area.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the stains:  It is indeed difficult to get rid of dried stains but still there are methods to overpower them for which using a wet carpet cleaner is foremost. Using an enzymatic cleaner is yet another bio-based effective cleaner.


Pets and carpets both play vital roles in our lives. Hence, you have to take proper care of both in the right manner. Pets should be taught to urinate at adequate places from the very beginning thus saving the carpet and other household things. Yet if it happens the above said measures can be taken for Pet urine removal from the carpets. You can also take help from Carpet Cleaning Service.