December 3, 2023
Wasp control

There are numerous different solutions to exterminate wasps and wasp nests in your house or business, you can attempt it yourself or hire screened local pest control professionals.

Yellow jackets are wasps, and if you’ve ever been stung by one, you know that they can be one of the more painful common pests for homeowners.

Early in the spring, when a single queen starts a colony, you might not even observe that a hive is forming on or around your house. But as the months of summer go by, and the hive grows more significant, it will become a nuisance.

Wasps attack violently when their nest is troubled, and they do not die when they sting. Moreover, for anyone with allergies, a sting can cause a dangerous allergic reaction. For these reasons, yellow jacket wasp pest control should be treated seriously and done by a professional.

Old animal burrows and holes in the ground are frequent places for yellow jackets to build their nests. Even worse, if the exterior walls of your house have cracks or holes in them, a queen can crawl inside and start building a nest inside the walls of your house.

If you notice multiple wasps flying toward and away from the same area, be wary – a colony might be close. Also be careful when using loud lawn equipment, since such disruptions usually disturb colonies.

Avoid wasp nests when you have figured out where they are, and finally, never plug a hole in a wall if you know yellow jackets live inside. They have been known to eat through walls in an attempt to get out, and actually enter people’s houses.

How can professional pest control Perth protect your home against yellow jackets? When a yellow jacket colony is close by, you should contact a professional to treat and remove the nests. You will be aware of the dangers of wasps and guide to wasp control when you converse with a pest control specialist.

It can be a dangerous job for anyone, but especially a novice – ask a local pest control service to remove a colony for you and fix holes in the walls that allow yellow jackets to crawl inside.

Hornet Pest Control

“Bee” is Aggressive When Tackling Hornets. As the most aggressive of winged pests, wasps and hornets require careful steps to exterminate them from your home. Hornets can nest next to doors, window, or other high-traffic region and be a frustration to you and your people.

Useful Remedies for Controlling Hornets

Professional pest control management companies can rely on a variety of solutions to help you tackle what can sometimes turn into a hurtful situation. It may be especially important to involve a professional pest control company if the nests are out of reach or tucked high under your eaves.

Common Approaches to Eliminating Hornets Include:

  • Lure Traps. These traps are available at many retail stores and are easy to use. They work best in late winter and spring.
  • Water Traps. Water traps rely on bait and force the hornets to enter a soapy water reservoir. This traps the hornet and eventually drowns them. Be sure to place them away from outdoor seating areas since they will lure the nuisances to them.
  • Eliminating Nests. Professionals may knock down newly constructed nests early in the season. Nest sprays are also effective if the hornet nest is well-established.


Many have phobias when it comes to insects. Reduce the risks to you and your families by having a professional exterminate the hornets on your property. It will be well worth your money to not have to deal with this less-than-forgiving pest.

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