December 3, 2023

Velour air mattresses are the ones that usually people keep for their guests for their high quality and huge comfort. It is also used for camping purposes, road trips, and many other situations. Moreover, it helps to develop a comfortable sleep. It also provides proper back support with the help of boxed walls with inner coil construction. Velour air mattress contains soft pores for proper air ventilation for a perfect sleep. Additionally, its PVC walls make it suitable for camping. As with the other mattresses, they also get dirty. Using them for road trips or camping makes them even dirtier. Therefore, Velour air mattress cleaning has become a regular task. 

If you do not about professional mattress cleaning services, then you should be aware of various velour air mattress cleaning tips. Light stains could be removed easily but large stains should not be handled by yourself as it could make things worse. In that case, you must approach professionals.

Methods For Velour Air Mattress Cleaning

Here are some of the tips and tricks to “deep” clean your velour air mattress for an effective sleep:

  • Removing the Air Pump– If your mattress has an in-built air pump, you must remove the plug before wiping it. These liquids could damage the pump. Also, you must remove the pads and sheets before cleaning the mattress. Do not remove the air pump even if it is a removable one. This could destroy the mattress.
  • Regular vacuuming– Try to make a habit of washing the mattress cover regularly and vacuuming it after that. You can also vacuum alone. This eliminates most of the dirt particles from the mattress. Vacuuming also helps to make the mattress warm, killing most of the bacteria and providing a healthy sleep. Ensure to vacuum gently, not forcefully.
  • Rubbing Alcohol– Take a cloth, it should be clean. Soak it in the alcohol and use this to wipe away grime and dirt. This should be done gently. If you have a slightly bigger stain, then put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on it and rinse it up with a clean cloth. Make sure that no water should go inside else it would damage the mattress.
  • Wash the sheets regularly– You must change and wash the sheet twice a week. This prevents the mattress from catching the dirt particles keeping it clean. Also, you must choose your sheets wisely. As some of the mattress sheets material catches dirt easily. This could make it hard to maintain your mattress clean even after regular washing. You must wash your sheets after each trip.
  • Prevent liquid stains– You should make sure that any kind of liquid should not enter the mattress. The water molecules bind with the mattress fibers and loosen them making them uncomfortable to sleep. Also, liquid stain gradually becomes yellow over time which then becomes tough to remove. Therefore, it is always better to prevent any liquids from entering the mattress.
  • Dry It Out– Drying out your mattress is an essential part of effective cleaning. You must let your mattress be in the sunlight on a regular basis. This will let all the water molecules soaked up and also the heat from the sun will help to kill bacteria from the mattress naturally. This is the most common and easiest solution to be preferred. You can also cover the mattress with a sheet to prevent it from getting dirty. This tells us that velour air mattress cleaning is not a difficult job.