December 3, 2023
Bird Control

Bird Control

If you’re wondering, “Why are birds under my solar panels?” you’re not the only one. Solar panels drive birds because they offer them the comfort, shelter and security to withstand the weather conditions. Birds usually make their nests in the same region and conditions in which they were hatched. This makes solar panels an ideal habitat for birds to live, reproduce, and return to repeat the cycle. 

While your rooftop solar panels are attractive to the birds, they aren’t so great for your panels. Birds cause havoc on solar panels, costing big bucks. This is why solar panel bird-proofing should be done when the panels are being installed. Consequently save a lot of money throughout the maintenance time. Solar panel bird-proofing could demand the service from the pest control service Melbourne professionals. As they need to operate at a height and require certain safety equipment. Installing a solar panel bird-proofing system over your solar panels can drastically limit the amount of birds on your roof. This ensures that your panels are in excellent operating order.

Bird Control

Actions You Can Take To Keep Birds Away From Your Solar Panels

If you’re facing problems with birds landing on your solar panels, here are a few helpful actions you can take apart from getting solar panel bird-proofing done.

  • Keeping your surroundings clean

Birds are always looking for food, and making the area surrounding your house unsuitable for them can encourage them to move elsewhere. Keep your surroundings tidy and make sure there are no food sources near your house. Empty the trash and keep pet food out of reach of birds. Birds tend to draw to their own messes. You should clean up any signs of bird visiting as soon as you see it. While cleaning alone may not help the problem, it does work effectively in conjunction with other techniques of bird- proofing your panels.  You can also hire top pest control.

  • Install Bird Mesh

One of the most effective solar bird-proofing solutions is bird mesh. Bird mesh is designed to enclose the region beneath the solar panels. And it extends around the border of the entire array. While it does not literally “seal” your panels from the house, it does make it difficult for birds to establish nests beneath the panels.The setup will not cause any damage to your panels. Also the installation is quick. Once installed, solar mesh requires little maintenance and has a clean appearance with little visual effect. It is a humanitarian solution to the problem of pest birds.

  • Set Up Roof Spikes

Roof spikes are a great option to effectively keep birds away. These are stainless steel bird spikes that you can install around the solar panels. Even if the space beneath your panels is secure, birds may still linger around them. Spikes keep birds from getting a grip. This makes it difficult for the birds to settle on the panels. Roof spikes, on the other hand, aren’t really useful on their own. Spikes, when installed strategically and combined with solar mesh, will give an extra layer of protection to the solar panels.

  • Invest on fake solar bird Scarecrow

Placing bird scarecrows may appear ancient, but they may protect the solar panels from real birds. If you’re serious about it, make an investment in something larger and more active in nature. For instance, you may get one of those swivel-in-the-wind fake owls. It can move convincingly and consistently enough to frighten birds away. There are also highly advanced and automated birds of prey that you can put near your panels to keep birds away for years.

  • Conduct regular Maintenance

Solar panels are a long term investment, and solar panel maintenance is required to ensure long-term advantages. Maintaining your PV array in excellent operating order will make it less vulnerable to bird nests and droppings. Cleaning your panels on a regular basis, fixing any cracks or mounting difficulties, properly maintaining them are all necessary for long-term performance. Always keep an eye out for dirt on the solar panels to prevent it from accumulating, since clean panels absorb more sunlight.

Reach Out To Our Experts For Solar Panel Bird-proofing Service

Max Pest Control Melbourne is an expert in their industry and is happy to serve you in mitigating bird-related damage. Furthermore, we provide high quality of service. Our team of bird control experts understands how to safeguard your solar array from bird damage in a safe manner. We have the skills and the equipment to keep birds out of your house or business.If you’re worried about your existing solar panels or want to invest in new ones. Please allow us to respond to any queries you may have. Get in touch with us to learn more about our solar panel bird-proofing services.

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