December 3, 2023

Greasy stains are the most common type of stains that need to be removed before they damage the fabric of the carpets. Having kids at home, greasy stains become a common thing, and it becomes mandatory to clean the carpets often. There are several tips mentioned on different websites, which you can definitely put to use to have stain-free carpets without hassle. However, these tips are tough enough to be concluded all by yourselves. As you read below, you can list out some of the best tips which are at par with professional carpet steam cleaning treatment. In case these tips don’t work out with the sort of stains you have on the carpet, we suggest seeking local experts in carpet cleaning.

Tips That Can Help to Get Rid of Greasy Stains From Carpets

  • Cornstarch Along With Dish Soap

The best removal agent to be used on carpets can be a solution made of cornstarch and water. After mixing apply it to the stained area and then blot the area with the help of a paper towel. Blotting is important to absorb the agent in the stained area for the effective removal of stains from the carpets.

  • Use of Hair Spray

Hair spray is one of the best things that you can use to clean the grease stain from the carpet. Sprinkle the hair spray directly on the stained area and then use charcoal on it which enables the complete removal of grease stain deep from the fabric of the carpet. Hair spray is one of the strong carpet stain removal agents that show effective results on the carpet.

  • Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampooing at regular intervals is important to keep greasy stains out of the carpet. The shampoo is directly applied to the stained area and then rubbed by using the brush on it which enables the removal of greasy stains within a short time. Shampoo did not let the stains retain on the carpet and prevent it further for the effective look of carpets. It is best to seek professional help to undergo the process of removal of stains.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

It is one of the best natural stain removal agents that works best when it comes to removing accidental spills which caused greasy stains on the carpets. Immediately after the carpets are prone to greasy stains there is the need to supply aloe vera gel directly to the stained area. Then you need to soak the cloth in the water and then apply it to the treated area for the removal of effective removal of stains. The use of aloe vera gel is best as it had no side effects on the carpets and keeps them clean for a long time.

How Professional Services Can Assist You?

In case, the above tips don’t work, then here is how professionals can help you.

  • Analyze the toughness of the stain, and plan the cleaning as required.
  • Use shampoo, and clean the stain with the best cleaning agent.
  • Helping you with maintenance of carpets, so that you can manage aftercare better than before.

You must understand that changing the carpets entirely can be a costly affair, hence you can move forward with these tips or professional cleaners, so that stains remain a thing of the past, and your carpets stay fresh very much as new.

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