December 3, 2023
Clean Dirty And Soiled Carpets

Carpets tend to get dirty very easily. This happens due to many factors in the household. Firstly, excessive foot traffic can cause dust accumulation. This dust and grease can cause other issues like bad odour and mould. Secondly, carpets tend to get dirtier quickly if you have pets and kids at home. Another major issue is the stains. Any type of food spill can cause mould on the carpets. This can furthermore become a threat to health. Mould can cause allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Hence, these reasons support the importance of carpet cleaning. Here are 5 tips to help you deal with dirty carpets. These are effective and will give the best results in no time.

These 5 Steps Will Help You Get Back The Life In Your Carpets

1. Getting rid of dust and dirt from the carpets

The first step involves removing all the accumulated dirt from the carpets. This dirt can cause various damages to the carpets. It can weaken the fibres and texture of the carpet. Also, this dust can contribute to the bad odour coming from the carpets. Therefore, carpets start looking dull and old. The only way to combat this is to remove the dust from time to time. Vacuuming is the best way to do so. A strong vacuum cleaner will remove the surface area dust. And also remove any pet hair or other debris. Hence, regular vacuuming will prevent the dust from accumulating. And make the carpets appear cleaner.

2. Spot-cleaning the stains

Stains are common to have on carpets. But leaving them unclean is not so common. Professionals always advise cleaning the stains immediately. This carpet stain removal step can minimise the damage to a great extent. The stains can be soluble or non-soluble. There are oil stains, wine, gum, nail paint, blood, vomit, pet urine and other food spills. Importantly, these stains start to rot with time. Therefore, it is advised to invest in powerful stain removal solutions. Always blot the stain as soon as possible. And follow it up with a reliable stain removal agent.

3. Getting professional help regularly

Home cleaning is essential without any doubt. But a professional carpet cleaning will level up the game. Usually, carpet cleaners are well-trained and experienced. They know the right tools and carpet-cleaning equipment. Hence, your carpets will get a deep cleaning session. And the texture and fibres will be recovered. Therefore, get your carpets cleaned professionally once every 6 months.

4. Deodorising and sanitising the carpets

Carpets develop bacteria with all the dust, grease and stains. Moreover, the most dangerous part is the mould on the carpet. All this can be risky to physical health. Especially for anyone suffering from breathing difficulties like asthma. It can also cause skin issues and other deadly illnesses. Hence, always deodorise and sanitise the carpets after cleaning them. This way, the carpet is completely secure and will pose no threat to the people around.

5. Using DIY carpet cleaning solution

The best carpet cleaning solution is made using homemade ingredients. All you need is vinegar, dishwashing liquid, warm water and baking soda. Make a solution and you are ready with a reliable carpet cleaning product. Always blot and clean. And never leave a spot behind. Follow these steps and you will see the changes in no time.


Carpets contribute to the indoor environment directly. Hence, it becomes important to keep them clean and hygienic. These five steps will completely bring back the life in your carpets. Moreover, if you need any additional help, we suggest you call the best carpet cleaners in your area.