December 3, 2023

Carpets are one of the most expensive belongings, be it in a residential or commercial property. The main reason is that carpet is made up of wool, nylon, and synthetic materials. Therefore, carpet cleaning services are also expensive if you want to get rid of stains from them. So, if you want to keep your carpet looking good and give aesthetic appeal, then making sure to do stain removal is mandatory.  In fact, you can find multiple carpet cleaning methods that have different applicable uses of their own. You can use carpet cleaners, steam cleaners or if necessary,  vacuum cleaners for carpet stain removal too. Moreover, there are many carpet stain removal methods with respect to different stain types. Some of those common removal methods for certain stain types are mentioned in this blog.

A Few Carpet Stain And Their Removal Methods 

1. Coffee Stains

One of the common stains your carpets become a victim of is coffee stains. The carpet stain removal method for these stains is the use of white vinegar by expert carpet cleaner. 

  • The cleaning method for coffee stains starts with blot-drying your carpet to remove excess coffee
  • Then, pre-soak your carpet for 15 minutes in a mixture of the ingredients mentioned below:
    • The warm water of a quarter cup
    • Dishwashing detergent of ½ teaspoon
    • 1 tablespoon of vinegar 
  • Rinse off the area using warm water 
  • Take a sponge and blot the affected area using rubbing alcohol to find desirable results. 

2. Red Wine Stains

  • For Fade Stain Removal from Carpets, emergency carpet cleaning is the only and best solution you can look for.
  • You can use natural and synthetic methods to remove stains from the carpets. Baking soda, lime, and vinegar are effective ways of red wine removal methods from your carpet. But hydrogen peroxide is the best
  • So, if you want to execute the hydrogen peroxide method to remove red wine stains from your carpet, then follow the procedure we mentioned:
    • First, you need to take ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid
    • Then mix hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid at a 3:1 ratio to apply it over the red wine stains on your carpet
    • Let this mixture sit under the affected area for about 20 minutes to 1 hour
    • The last step of this method is to blood-clean the area using a white cloth immediately after washing the area

3. Blood Stains

  • The reason why blood stains get onto your carpets is the accidental cuts you and your pets get to face. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of them from your carpet
  • The method you need to follow on how to do this urgent carpet cleaning is as follows:
    • Remove the axis blood stain by scraping off the area and then rinse the carpet under a cold running water tap at a high pressure 
    • Your next step is to pre-treat the blood stain by sinking it in warm water that has a half spoon of washing powder and let the stain dissolve 
    • Add detergent while following the instructions and load the carpet into your washing machine and run a cycle at high temperature 
    • Once the cycle is complete, unload the carpet to let it dry naturally. 

4. Fruit Stains

  • The main reason why fruit stains are left on the carpet is that your regular cleaning methods cannot remove them. However, you have alternative options such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon for carpet stain removal. Another perfect fruit stain removal method is,
    • Soak the fruit stains in sodium perborate bleach and warm water for at least 15 to 30 minutes 
    • Then, launder it with cool water and heavy-duty detergent 
    • After that, once again soak the carpet in the following mixture of ingredients for about 15 minutes and then rinse with water
      • Warm water- 1 quarter cup
      • Liquid hand dishwashing- ½ teaspoon 
      • White vinegar- ½ tablespoon 
  • Sponge the area with alcohol and wash it off.

5. Chocolate Stains

  • Getting rid of coffee stains on your carpets is an easy feat if you follow the carpet cleaning method we mentioned as follows:
    • The first step to removing the dried chocolate stains is to scrape off the excess chocolate using a butter knife 
    • Vacuum the area directly and cover the affected area using paper towels
    • Set your clothing iron to the lowest temperature to move it over the paper towels. Note- Do this until chocolate stains stick onto the paper towels 
    • Repeat the complete process until you find the chocolate stains are disappeared. 


You can remove most of the stains from the carpet by using a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is very effective and will not damage the carpet. However, you need to clean the carpet properly. You need to vacuum the carpet first. You can also hire the best carpet cleaning Melbourne company for stain removal.